An ending, and moving forward

“Take care, bye bye. …See you later.”

Okay, okay, this is the last post about Liar-soft’s ghostly yuri series.

…for now.

Yesterday I posted about clearing the game – extra scenes and all – but I wasn’t done with this series. There exists manga and drama CDs that take place after the game’s conclusion, and I decided to make my way through those. In the case of the manga, it was certainly not my first, though I’m still waiting on chapter 4. I’ll probably end up buying the omnibus when it comes out in January…

Moving on to the drama CDs, though, was a bit of a shock for me. I knew through each one’s description that they took place between a year and two years after the events of the visual novel, which meant at the very least watching all the then-second-years preparing for graduation and entrance exams, but actually seeing (hearing, I guess) them talking about it – and then actually being in college! – brought back memories for me, as it did yesterday. In particular, I wasn’t expecting to see Yuna in the same college as Miki, as shown in the center photograph above, though I suppose they are both pretty similar to each other in work ethics and such.

Personally, the third and fourth CDs – Rain Kick and Kyuusei Radio – hit me the hardest, because they showed the most change. I mentioned in my Steam review of Kyuusei Radio how the series as a whole is about change, particularly change within oneself. I suppose seeing all my favorite characters (read: all of them) grown up made me miss my own relatively carefree days and the somewhat silly drama that comes with high school life.

That being said, it was nice to see what happened to everybody following the half year in the visual novel. Perhaps the segment I most enjoyed was the B side of Kyuusei Radio, where Megumi and Sachi make a fourth-wall-breaking appearance to Yuna. I’d like to think of this part as canon, though, because they do chat about changes that have happened and reminisce about the past, but doing so would sort of trivialize the extremely emotional farewell that took place near the end of the game. In fact, the most compelling line in all four CDs (from Yuna in Playing Girlfriends): “I can graduate with a lot of good memories…I think they’d be proud.” I mentioned it in my Steam review, but Yuna is noticeably much happier at this time, and this wistful statement just reminded me of how much she loves the two kindred spirits, despite the bickering and annoyances that happened between them. Personally, I’d like to think they’re still watching her, waiting for the day they’ll meet again, whether that be five years down the line or fifty.

Enough sentiment, though. I can read/think/write all the fanfiction I need if I have to. In my first post, I boldly compared KSotR to The Last Airbender, my personal favorite TV show of all time. The most prevalent comparison is in the creation of characters and premise; in both series, the characters are so lovable, relatable, multifaceted, and colorful, and because of this I never wanted to leave either world. Two years from the end of watching both Avatar series and I still feel the pain of leaving a friend behind, and I know I’ll not want to leave the lives of Yuna and the rest for the next few days. I never expected to get so emotionally involved with what I initially thought was going to be girl-on-girl smut, but here I am, over a hundred hours into the series as a whole, hunting down all the non-game pieces of media in my spare time, and waiting for the manga omnibus. I’ll have to leave Kindred Spirits alone soon, but it’s the type of series that I can’t experience just once. I’ll be back soon to enjoy reading about Yuna’s high school and college life, but for now it’s time to let go.

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6 thoughts on “An ending, and moving forward”

  1. Kindred Spirits is looking to be the best localized Yuri game of all time. It’s too bad we only received it this year, though.

    Do you know that MezaYuri is hosting the last Kindred Spirits event this November? A fanart book will be compiled and people who get their art selected to be in said book will receive a copy. Unfortunately the event is happening in Japan, but foreign submissions are allowed. Check Dynasty Scans for more information!


    1. Actually, I dunno how closely you follow MezaYuri, but if you happen to know when that art book releases, come back and let me know? Pretty please? 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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