Girls und Panzer der Film

Tanks and anime girls; what more do you need?

So today I saw Girls und Panzer der Film. Again, that is; a local cinema was playing it, and since it was a Sunday afternoon I thought, well why the hell not.

Except I forgot to read the fine print. Turns out it was a dubbed version, not the original. I suppose that makes sense, considering the inconvenience of putting subtitles at the bottom of the screen. Then again, I’m from Hong Kong, where traditional Chinese subtitles are actually the norm in cinema.

Either way, I was very surprised to hear the English voices. All in all, they weren’t too bad, though there’s a certain charm to having very cute, timid characters drive tanks that’s kind of lost when Nishizumi’s English voice is a little more go-getter. Also, hearing the English VA say, “Panzer vor!” was…cringe-worthy.

Anyway, Girls und Panzer. There’s really nothing to say; it’s quite literally just completely ridiculous. My friends and I joke about GuP moments happening in War Thunder, or even in Rocket League (for example, when me bumping into my teammate gives him a speed boost). I think everybody should go watch the show because it’s just chaotic, dumb fun.

Author: reckless150681

I'm currently a sophomore in college, working towards a dual degree in music and mechanical engineering. I play a number of instruments, and I'm usually writing about video games.

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