The pain…


This sucks.

Yesterday, I lost my Halcyon 6 save. It hurts. I had put in some 12 hours this past week, hoping to actually complete a playthrough.

And I came damn close (I think). Tier IV ships, seven officers, the entirety of the starbase explored…all to be lost in a single go.

It’s disappointing, to be sure. Halcyon 6 is a fun little game. Though touted as a mix of FTLXCom, and one other strategy game that I can’t quite remember at the moment, it feels like it struggles a bit to live up to the individual expectations of each title. That being said, it’s fun in its own right; the sense of back-against-the-wall really does feel like some of XCom‘s toughest moments, and there’s something really satisfying about taking out an entire enemy fleet without taking any damage.

It’s too bad, really. I had started Halcyon 6 two or three times during the semester, but had never seen it all the way through. With ~12 hours down the drain, I just don’t feel like starting again now. Maybe later. For now, though, it’s finally time to finish Fire Emblem.