I’m excited

All aboard the hype train

I just watched Nintendo’s Switch conference.

And damn, am I excited! I might have to end up breaking my “Never preorder” rule.

A few highlights:

  • The Switch releases on March 3 this year
  • It’s set to be $300 USD (a little cheaper in Japan)
  • New games!
  • Zelda 0_0 (IT’S A RELEASE TITLE)

I’m just really excited for Zelda.

I did a thing


I wrote a fanfiction. I’m not sure why I’m sharing, but here it is. It’s, uh…it may or may not be a KSotR fic. Technically, though, I didn’t break my promise last time. This isn’t a post about the game; it’s a post about the fic.

Go see if it you really want.